Feint Boxing is an apparel and accessories brand dedicated to the sport of boxing. Feint was created by boxers for boxers, we focus on boxers needs and wants. Feint was created because we recognized the huge disconnect between pure boxers/boxing fans and what was available in the market- up until now.

We always looked for a brand that represented us as, young fashion conscious boxing fans. But all we found was MMA brands or "fads" riding the "trend" of MMA, and they all muddied the waters for boxing enthusiasts. As boxers, huge boxing fans, and with extensive background in fashion its was only natural to take the next step; To create Feint Boxing. A clean, simple, fresh, fashion forward boxing apparel brand. Now it's time for us boxers and boxing fans to have our own image.

Thank you for supporting Feint Boxing. We are doing this for all the boxing fans in the world. We know that passions run deep in this sport, but we must remember boxing unites, it should never divide. Rep your flag, defend your fighter, Protect your pride, but like the brave athletes in the ring- leave the aggression in the ring.

Our goal with Feint Boxing is to create a community of boxing fans that share their common passion for boxing. A community that admires the craft, skill, dedication, and sacrifice of all boxers. Ultimately we want to create a brand that people associate with a great, deep respect for the art of boxing.



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